We designed the Akbeat Shop License with the goal of making it really simple and easy for you to do the right thing.
Plus, all of our audio is originally created by us and free from copyright infringement.


These terms apply between A&K Corporation Ltd. (“we,” “us”) and you, the customer.

By downloading or using audio files, etc. (hereafter, “audio”), you are agreeing to these licensing terms (hereafter, “Terms”).


The nuts and bolts of the Akbeat Shop License:


  • You cannot redistribute our audio
  • You cannot claim our audio as your own
  • You cannot register our audio on any platform/store
  • You cannot register any sound trademark(s)
  • You cannot use our audio for advertising

Licensing Terms

We grant you a limited license to make use of the audio on the terms set out below. This license includes the right to download.

Each audio segment can be used to create one single end-product that can be used commercially. An end product must be a customized implementation of the item in the file and must be larger in scope than the original file. If you are a freelancer, you can also use the audio in a project on behalf of a client.

However, you are not permitted to:

  • Use audio for advertising or use audio for a sound logo;
  • Re-distribute the audio ‘as is’ (even if free of charge);
  • Modify or make derivatives of the audio (or re-distribute any modified versions of derivatives of the audio) except as a final end product; or
  • Use the Audio in any tool or application allowing an end user to build a custom product as part of an ‘on demand’, ‘made to order,’ or ‘build it yourself’ service.
  • Use audio to make more than one end product — each file can be used once only;

If you need to download the audio more than once, please request a quote.

Audio and their end products are subject to the following additional restrictions:

The original author of the audio retains ownership of the item. You cannot claim ownership of the item, even if modified in accordance with this Agreement, for example, through content identification systems.

Your license may be terminated immediately and we may take further action against you if you do any of these things.

Request a quote if:

  • You need to use one audio segment for two or more jobs/projects, for example, using our audio for two different films, such as a main movie and the movie trailer.
  • You need to use one audio segment throughout your app/projects, etc.
  • The intended use is for advertising, including online advertising