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Yesterday, it was a beautiful day for going out. I went to Showa Kinen Memorial Park in Tokyo, Tachikawa City. This is a huge park and many people enjoyed picnics.
My destination was Japanese Garden in this park.
It’s getting cold suddenly since last week, so the leaves with a little autumn colors were reflected on the surface of the water was astonishingly beautiful. 
There is a special place to appreciate bonsai. I enjoyed wonderful bonsais while listening to a handsome old gardener’s lecture. I learned “shitakusa” or “kusamono”, a small pot gardening, are displayed between gorgeous bonsais. Traditionally the shitakusa’s pot is arranged with wild plants. They are tiny arrangement, however, accompanying with bonsai, it makes rhythm and enhance bonsai’s presence. And the combination of Bonsai and shitakusa is formal way to display. His talk was very impressive and I was so attracted by bonsai.

Wild Flowers

Japanese wildflowers are often used for shitakusa. Watching its small flower swaying in the wind is transient and graceful. 

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