Valentine’s Day in Japan

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red roses close up photography

Japan greets first working day of 2022 and today is also the first day when the chocolate sales season for the Valentine’s Day begins.
The way of celebrating Valentine’s Day in Japan is very unique unlike other countries. The big difference is the day when women give chocolates to men.
This is a result of the penetration of Japanese-style Valentine’s culture as a Japanese chocolate company launched a campaign on Valentine’s Day is a day “to ask him” for girls.
The next difference is that it’s a day not only to give chocolates to a man in love, but also to give chocolates to men near her. Chocolate that is given to people other than lovers is called “giri choco” and has no romance in it. It is just distributed to colleagues and bosses in their office, and boyfriends at school (including kindergarten!) with a gratitude or friendship.
This is another new campaign to sell more chocolate, and as Valentine’s Day coming, you’ll see a woman buying a lot of the same wrapped chocolate gifts on a special site in department stores.

In recent years, remote work has become new norms and it lows opportunities to hand out these giri choco, a new idea to treat “yourself” by purchasing gorgeous chocolates for yourself is becoming popular. 

Anyway the Japanese festivities of love have something for just about everyone!

Japanese audio for the Valentine's Day

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