Time for Remembering

August is the sad month for Japanese people having 3 memorial days; atomic bombing in Hiroshima on 4th then Nagasaki on 9th and anniversary of end of the Pacific War on 15th.
If the Japan’s decision to surrender had been made a little sooner, these tragedies would not have happened. Now the Russian invasion of Ukraine unlikely to end. It’s so hard to think about the timing when to stop the war. Talking about a war, I’d like to introduce an interesting history about the kanji character for it.

The Kanji/Chinese character for war or combat is “bu”(武) . Samurai warrier is 武士 (bushi) and martial arts such a judo, sumo, is 武道(budo).
The original meaning of “bu”(武) was a depiction of worrier boldly marching (足) into battle with halberd(戈) in hand.  (see the futured image written by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi)
But in Edo era, later after finished Sengoku war period in16th century, its interpretation was changed as meaning “to stop (止) fighting(戈) “. It’s perfectly opposite meaning that if a person/country continue to improve its fighting skills, it can stop fighting. As the same theory of balancing nuclear weapons, this is the oneside view that the peaceful life is protected how powerful military force you’ve horned. 

Anyway, I prayed and lit incense to mourn the victims quietly.

武(Bu) meant to go into battle, but this later came to be interpreted as "to stop fighting".

In Edo era, during the Tokugawa shogunate period was an epoch of social stability and the military government sought to encourage a balance between military preparedness and duty among its warriers, and so martial and civil virtues were combined to form a philosophy of personal development. I want to introduce one of our song inspired Miyamoto Musashi, a famous samurai swordsman and philosopher. We have an audio playlist themed for Samurai. 

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