The mystery of momiji

momiji in otaguro park

Autumn season has come! and it’s time for Japan to showcase its famous momiji, red maple leaves. As a symbol of Japan, sakura is loved globally, momiji is equally loved by people in this country (Personally, I prefer momiji).

Same as sakura, people like to go for viewing it.
While sakura viewing is called “ohanami” means as it is, interestingly momiji is called “momiji gari” that means momiji hunting. Although momiji is an essential tree in Japanese gardens, it’s because people prefer to go hiking to see blushing mountains.

Also the Kanji character of momiji “紅葉” has two meanings.
When you read it as “momiji”, it means colored leaves, and when you read “koyo”, it means the process of turning the leaves red.
These are photos I took at a night event in Otaguro Park in Tokyo. The view of illuminated momiji reflecting in the pond was breathtaking.

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