Snow Country

This winter season’s mainvisual is Gokayama village in Toyama pref., northern part of Japan. Surrounded by deep in the mountains, this village is well preserved the old Japanese way of life to this day. (maybe over 200 years old)
Houses with the steep roofs were called Gassho-zukuri and were used as a farmhouse.
This thatched and steep slope roof was well designed to let snow slide off easily in winter.
On the second or the loft floor was used to cultivate silkworms. And there was an Irori hearth in the living room.
Under the deep snow blanket, villagers gathered around the Irori to keep warm and were waiting for spring.

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in Ainokura hamlet in Gokayama village, Toyama pref.

It is listed on the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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