small MUJI exhibition

Muji or Mujirushi Ryohin is very popular stores and brand selling its original products with simple but conceptual designs. The store is like an essential store in buildings near terminal stations in Japan. As one of a flagship stores, MUJI Ginza, renowned as trendy spot with hotel, lounge, atelier and exhibition spaces. I stopped by the fun exhibition of collaborate art works with its daily products and miniatures by a miniature and diorama artist Tatsuya Tanaka this week. Each box size of diorama is 30cm3 and presents a scene using Muji’s products in unexpected ways. For example the title “The Suit (or Sweet) Room”, Tatsuya Tanaka uses biscuit for beds. My most favorite display is “FOOT PRINT” uses loose-leaf notebook and its holes as a girl’s foot prints on snow. I think it’s more fun to look at the pictures than to explain. Please enjoy them or visit small MUJI exhibition until 23rd. April this year. official site :

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