Myoga: What it is?

Myoga (茗荷),

Japanese ginger, is an indispensable food in summer as tasty garnish (薬味) for miso soup, hiya yakko (冷奴,cold tofu), and pickles.

We eat the raw myoga bud that has a crunchy texture and a distinctive aroma coupled with a zesty tang.
I love not only its taste but just its pinkish beauty. I grow it in my small garden because Myoga is a shade-loving and a strong and easy-to-grow plant. 
Finding a shiny tip of the bud is popping out of the earth in the darkness by pushing through the tall myoga’s stems is really exciting. 
Do you know Princess Kaguya? It’s the traditional Japanese tale and an old man of bamboo cutter found a shiny bamboo and he cut it, then found a beautiful girl baby inside of it. When I found the top of myoga bud, I felt like I am just like the old man.
myouga bud

title: Peony
price: $49

Myoga in Cooking
Eat only the young and tender flower buds raw. Just slice it and put on cold tofu and sprinkle soy sauce on it. Adding another garnish like ginger, kaiware spraut and shiso herb leave makes the dish colorful and more tasty.

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