Snow Country

In the Gokayama village in northern part of Japan, you can see well preserved the old Japanese way of life to this day.

Asakusa Cat

a precious cat stares longingly out the window at a crowd of people going to and fro. Telltale signs scattered about the room reveal why it appears to be upset.

Valentine’s Day in Japan

red roses close up photography

Japan greets first working day of 2022 and today is also the first day when the chocolate sales season for the Valentine’s Day begins.
The way of celebrating Valentine’s Day in Japan is very unique unlike other countries.

Japanese Oshogatsu, New Year

How do the Japanese celebrate the Japanese New Year?
Oshogatsu (お正月), the New Year period is one of the most important holidays of the year for us, because we welcome and celebrate the Toshigami-sama deities that were our ancestors.

The mystery of momiji

momiji in otaguro park

Same as sakura, people like to go for viewing it. While sakura viewing is called “ohanami” means as it is, interestingly momiji is called “momiji gari” that means momiji hunting. Although momiji is an essential tree in Japanese gardens, it’s because people…

Bonsai partner

The formal way to appreciate bonsai, “shitakusa” is indispensable. How it works with bonsai, please see some photos I took in Showa Kinen Memorial Park.

Myoga: What it is?

Myoga, Japanese ginger, is an indispensable food in summer as tasty garnish for Japanese table. We eat the raw myoga bud that has a crunchy texture and a distinctive aroma coupled with a zesty tang. I love not only its taste but just its pinkish beauty. Finding a shiny tip of the bud is popping out of the earth is really exciting.

The harvest moon

harvest moon

Full moon in the early autumn is a little special for Japanese. This full moon is called Chushu no Meigetsu (中秋の名月), the harvest great moon. This is the first day of the harvest and Japanese used to celebrate it with tsukimi-dango (full moon dumpling / 月見団子) and to decorate susuki pampas grasses which were beautifully swinging and shining in the night scape.