Asakusa Cat

The art of our homepage’s main visual was drawn by Utagawa Hiroshige, very popular Ukiyoe woodblock print artist in Edo era, from his “One Hundred Famous Views of Edo” series which he took over six years to complete. The title is “Asakusa Paddy Field and Torinoichi”.

I chose this art in the last November because it just matches our page’s color and without any knowledge about it. Carolyn, a professional Canadian voice-talent working in Tokyo, introduced an interesting movie about this print. Of course she did this narration. Please take a look. You will find out where the place is or what kind of job the kitty’s master is doing by some items with simple hints. It’s the chic of Edo. I love it!

Look at his tale
why he is so irritated?
Kumade rakes
People purchased Kumade rakes to gather good luck
Kanzashi hairpin
Rake-shaped hairpins with...
This pattern means
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