Ken Sakata

Music producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Producer and Mixing and Mastering Engineer in Tokyo producing various styles of music over 35 years. Especially sensitive ambient music and Japanese-style music are popular as his own style like no other.

The Japanese Garden playlist uniquely combines Japanese traditional music with pop or modern music.
Ken Sakata sometimes masters it with Tokyo nostalgia flavor by using Japanese lo-fi mastering technique.  Also, you can purchase his songs on Japanese Garden playlist as royalty-free music.

As a mix and mastering engineer who has worked with a wide range of clients from Brazilian fusion giant Ivan Conti Mamao from Azymuth to some independent labels and artists.

"I believe the collaborative aspect of mixing records is extremely important. And I love mastering music, helping artists get that final piece to their sound they've always been desperate for. I'd love to execute musician's vision." I'd love to hear about your project. Click the 'Contact' button above to get in touch.

Ken Sakata

Music in video

Artist PV

Komei: Dance + Juggling = Daggle, the Contact ball World Champion performance in nature

Photo Exhibition

Anup Shah: African photographer

Corporate video

Nambu Tekki iron ware with modern design and Japanese traditional casting craftworks

Sound Logo in CM

This sound logo made a hit in 1985. Dedicated the great commedian Ken Shimura passed away by COVID-19 in 2020. (RIP)

Demo Reel

Mastering Reel #1



Compare before / after Mastering (0:35)
From the CD album project of “Sazanami” (Ivan Conti Mamao & Akitoshi Aoyama Project) 

Mastering Reel #2



From the CD album project “Clarsach” (Masumi Sakaue, Celtic Harper)

This CD was recorded in a completely dead studio booth. The harp’s rich and deep resonance has been restored thanks to our engineer’s skilled technique. Listen for the vibrating resonance of the brass strings.

Mastering Reel #3

Japanese pop music production

This song was composed to cheer on athletes taking part in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. We were very happy with how well all of the musicians played, especially the groove of the base line played by Ryuta Sakamoto. This has the structure of a typical Japanese pop song featuring: intro, verse A, bridge, chorus, solo interlude, ending.

This song was very popular and was used in many stadiums across Japan.


photo with Amy at Ken Sakata's studio
with Amy at Ken Sakata's studio