Voice-overs for various promos and commercial videos

For companies making commercial films or corporate videos requiring narration by native speakers of Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, and other languages, A&K can provide the most professional and experienced voice talent - providing the best match for your project.

Video Translations (Voice-over scripts) and Scenarios

For video materials targetting to Japanese market, what matters most is the timing of translated voice-over scripts that perfectly match the length of the source material while taking the utmost care to deliver a strong, clear message. Even the most carefully crafted another language scripts often require numerous last-minute adjustments and touch-ups when they reach the studio - which can drive up studio charges. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of our "triple-check system," supplementing the work of your translation team with a final review by a native speaker to guarantee the highest quality results.

Music Production- pre/post production services

musicTo finalize your production, we support you in creating a great sound track. This service is fully covered for all music, like opening and ending theme songs, sound logos, jingles, dignified back ground music and sound effects...etc.

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promotional video

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As a voice over for a president, the most popular talent is Lonnie from California.
He has an austerely elegant mid-lower voice. Daihatsu, the car maker's commercial logo "Innovation For Tomorrow" is his work. Lasting over 3 years. He also had a huge commercial hit song "Sweet10 diamond" for a diamond dealer. And now playing "John Smith" at Teiban TV on BS-Asahi regulary.