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+ Japanese song for You ($2,000)

"J-POP", Japanese pop-songs, is attracting many young anime fans the world over.
If you would like to be able to sing along to an original J-POP song based on your own lyrics or ideas, please ask us. We can offer you great male or female song writers, lyricists, a karaoke track and a Japanese guide vocal demo to practice with.

Just imagine how impressed your friends will be as you sing your very own original song in Japanese!

What distinguishes J-POP from other genres of popular music is that J-POP is composed incorporating a distinctive intro and an impressive and memorable melody line in the first or A-section called "sabi". The ending of the song modulates and repeats this sabi one last time for a lasting impression.

please listen some of our songs

Listen to this sample of the song "Shining Day Kimito" (JASRAC)

please send mail to ask.


KenKen Sakata

Sensitive and gorgeous sound is his specialty. By adopting pro-tools early on, he's keen on cutting edge technologies. Some people call him a "pro-tools pilot" owing their respect. He has a catalog of works in various genres such as artists' albums not only for domestic market, in TV and radio jingles, digital content, presentation video of events., etc.

Ken is also an experienced and awarded composer. He got an ACC award for TOYOTA and Lotte jingle. His most famous jingle is "pancilon". As a composer he provides many pop songs for many singers.

AndrewAndy Wulf

Born in Canada, and had been based in Montreal. Andy has been playing the saxophone for more than half his life and professionally since age 17. He has degrees in classical composition and jazz performance from McGill University in Montreal. An accomplished performer and arranger, Andy is musical credits are varied.
In Japan, Andy is very busy with studio work and composition. Besides that his saxophone playing is requested at premier jazz venues around Tokyo.



Sorry all linked pages are Japanese but hope you enjoy the demo trucks...


Purely one celtic harp which was a complete replica of the harp of Brian Boru was used, and all songs are 17th and 18th century. (Biosphere Records)


The legendary Brazilian Band "Azymuth" drummer Ivan Conti produced his Japanese pupil Akitoshi Aoyama, percussionist. Amizade means "friendship".

Fly into the Blue

This is a Japanese popular songs aiming to cheer the Japanese athletes in Athene Olympics by ourselves.

a.k.a. DiG "COOL FLOW"

Released on Sony Records. Recorded in Oregon, USA. a.k.a. DiG was an instrumental acid jazz group.

DiG "Impressions"

On Nippon Crown. Pop Jazz style by American young jazz quintet based in Tokyo.

Pharao's Daughter

We mixed a CD appendix of the poet book written by Nuala N´i Dhomhnail. She was born in Ireland and all poet were recorded in Gaelic. Her reading touched us deeply. (Of course we do not speak any Gaelic...)
We also organized a recording of translated Japanese poets. It was one of the famous Japanese actress names "Fumi Dan".

topic of CLARSACH

This CD was released in 1998. Purely only one replica of Brian Boru celtic harp used. All songs are composed in 17th and 18th century. There is no accompaniment and vocal. In this era, harps were often played for king to sleep and the sound is sensitively quiet and beautiful. I personally feel some militant or indigenous spirit in the bottom of songs and I couldn't sleep with this CD. :-)
Firstly we thought to record this harp sound very easy however, when we started to set the microphones, we recognized we were wrong...
It took about 5 years for an Irish harp craftsman to complete this perfect replica harp. And our trial of microphone setting took more than 3 months. This CD is one of our memorable works. It surprisingly enough sell well almost a decade later now.

(Aki Nakahata)

TV/Radio commercials

Sound track for movies of trade show

Sound track for fashion show

CD works

Providing many trance music to those series released from Victor JVC

And more